The Technology and Entrepreneurship center partner Makelab holds an in-person/virtual workshop on Fusion 360 delving into the exciting realm of innovation and technology. Led by Makelab, a renowned authority in CAM/CAD software, this workshop presented a valuable opportunity for participants to acquaint themselves with the favored CAM/CAD software of makers, immerse themselves in 3D design, and cultivate essential skills in operating CNC milling machines and crafting laser-cut designs. The workshop warmly welcomed both the Fusion 360 worldwide community and the vibrant MakeLab Network international community. Under the guidance of Nimrod Segev, an enthusiastic physics teacher and maker, participants engaged in a stimulating and creative learning environment. This workshop catered ideally to inventors, entrepreneurs, designers, engineers, and anyone with a curiosity for 3D printing. By partnering with the Academic City Technology and Entrepreneurship Center, MakeLab equips individuals with invaluable resources and expert guidance, empowering them to unleash their creativity and foster technological innovation.