The Technology and Entrepreneurship Center (TEC) had the privilege of attending the Green Economy Innovation Session organised by the Ghana Climate Innovation Centre (GCIC) in partnership with the International Development Innovation Alliance (IDIA) on May 12, 2023. This event aimed to address issues surrounding the climate and enterprise ecosystem in Ghana.

IDIA, a collaborative platform uniting innovation teams, labs, and departments from renowned development agencies worldwide, seeks to drive innovations across various sectors, fostering lasting and meaningful change towards a sustainable future.

During the session, the focus was on exploring the current landscape of climate (green economy) innovation in Ghana. National ecosystem insights were combined with the experiences of two climate entrepreneurs from Ghana, Valerie Larbi of Mana Mobility and Kobina Nyanteh of Translight Solar & Transvolt Ghana Ltd, an alumni of the GCIC Incubator.

Valerie shared insights into her company’s work in designing and building electric bikes and cars in Ghana, catering to the demand for low-cost and sustainable transportation solutions. She emphasised the importance of engineering programmes in universities, particularly highlighting the value of SolidWorks programme training. Valerie commended Academic City University as the only university currently offering SolidWorks training to engineers. SolidWorks is a software used in the development of mechatronics systems, covering planning, modeling, prototyping, and project management for mechanical, electrical, and software elements.

Kobina Nyanteh of Translight Solar discussed his business’s mission to accelerate electricity access in Africa through renewable energy solutions. He also shared plans for expanding into other African countries and emphasized the significance of a robust and effective business model.

The session provided valuable insights into the work of these green entrepreneurs, highlighting their contributions to the Ghanaian market and the importance of sustainable innovation in the country’s development.

The Technology and Entrepreneurship Center (TEC) actively participated in this event, furthering its commitment to fostering green economy innovation and contributing to the sustainable development of Ghana and beyond.