The Beyond Reality: Exploring the Power of XR webinar, organised collaboratively by the Black XR Network (BXRN) and the Elite Mentoring Programme (EMP), took place on April 15, 2023, at ACity. This event aimed to delve into the vast potential and profound impact of extended reality (XR) technologies.

A lineup of distinguished speakers, including Tara Colling Woode-Williams, a lecturer at Goldsmiths and founder of BXRN; Alex Lambert, Creative Director of Happy Finish and co-founder of BXRN; and Albright Enyioha, founder of Sustainable Games, shared their unique perspectives and expertise on various aspects of the XR industry.

Beyond Reality went beyond mere discussions, offering interactive and educational activities to enhance attendees’ understanding of XR technologies. Hands-on demonstrations provided participants with immersive experiences, allowing them to explore the transformative capabilities of XR firsthand. The event catered to a diverse audience comprising students, industry professionals, and XR enthusiasts.

The collaborative efforts between BXRN and EMP exemplified the significance of inclusivity and diversity within the XR industry. Attendees benefited from extensive support, guidance, and ample networking opportunities throughout the event, fostering collaboration and the exchange of ideas.

Beyond Reality: Exploring the Power of XR successfully showcased the immense potential of XR technologies and emphasised the importance of embracing these innovations to shape the future of various industries.